The truth about Valentine’s Day told by women!

The equation Valentine’s Day = red rose is valid for everyone. Nobody asks either since or why. It is simply and simply. Instead, we asked for it and decided that the truth about the matter was to ask you women. Yes, because you are the recipients of most of the floral gifts that will be delivered on the most romantic day of the year. To understand your tastes and preferences we have launched on our Facebook page a poll , two images, one of a bunch of red roses the other of a bouquet with a mix of colored holes, and we asked our followers to click on the favorite image . Needless to say, as we imagined, the result indicated an overwhelming preference for the second floral image.

Obviously the sample is not statistically representative but we think it can be taken for good. Hence the idea of an ironic and irreverent advertising campaign, or rather, a “campaign for the rejuvenation of the engaged party”. In the picture you can find us and our dads: the dads with red roses look perplexed at the colorful bouquets in our hands with a trace of bitter repentance painted in the expression of the face.


With this simple and friendly image and the text at his feet, the message that we are launching is clear: the classic bouquet of sunny red roses is “ancient” and gone out of fashion. It is 99% of women who prefer to mix colored flowers in fact it is in mixing and creating with different flower essences that we can express our creativity and skill in approaching different flowers and colors. The final effect obtained by mixing flowers and leaves of different types is spontaneous and fresh, the famous “wild flowers” effect that appeals so much and that is often requested by our customers looking for soft and “uncombed” creations, which do not they are neither rigid nor too geometric and symmetrical. And then when in the shop you have buttercups, daffodils, irises, tulips, amaryllis, carnations, freesias, hydrangeas … how do you discard them? And as we always say … why choose only a few when you can have them all?

You may wonder why a flower merchant can promote the sale of colorful flowers to the detriment of red roses on Valentine’s Day. Why do not we try to speculate on the sale of the most requested asset? There is in fact an implication of the question hidden from non-professionals. Red roses are not grown in Italy, they are not in season. They are imported not from other states but even from other continents, they travel half-frozen for kilometers and arrive in more or less fresh shops depending on how efficient the transport logistics has been. We do not want and we are not able to deepen now the topic of international flower trade or environmental impact related to it, subject on which we want to come back, but it is easy to guess that if in just two days are selling hundreds of thousands of roses of a single color, the market – already complex – of flowers has a lot of effort to guarantee quality numbers of people make order before for rose delivery for Valentines day.

Prices rise for the consumer and this, unlike what can be believed, does not mean greater profit margins for traders. Now let’s think it’s clear to you too, because at San Valentino this year we can make a different choice. Preferring a mix of colorful flowers guarantees excellent value for money and above all meets the preferences of women. That said, ours wants to be just a provocation, a bit ‘against the current and ironic, to be taken with a smile and nothing more: red roses are beautiful and remain an inevitable item in all the flower shops including ours. We therefore want to conclude by saying that a woman who receives flowers for love, does not look at the color, the number or the shape of the flowers, looks at the eyes of him who gives them and reads the feeling. As Vanessa Deffenbaugh says, author of “the secret language of flowers” We sow, nourish, nurture and give flowers for different occasions, but for a single purpose: to say what cannot be said, and to do it with grace and beauty!

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