Being able to lose belly fat and be capable of seeing the results of all that abs work is definitely one of the top goals that I hear people talk about. This is because the majority of people judge their entire body based on their abs, either right or incorrect. Also, one of the hardest areas to shed weight is in the stomach. Individuals who are taking their diets serious and training in a frenzied manner often struggle to get rid of those last few pounds fat. The remaining pounds of fat are typically within their stomachs.

Why is it so difficult to shed fat from the stomach? It is possible to place the majority part of it on the hormone cortisol. There are many hormones that regulate fat loss and storage, such as leptin estrogen, ghrelin and insulin. However, estrogen and cortisol have the biggest effect on body fat storage Cortisol takes the top spot for belly fat accumulation.

It’s Those Frackin’ Hormones!

Cortisol is an adrenaline hormone that reacts to stress of all kinds which includes mental, physical or emotional. When your brain senses stress, cortisol is released into your bloodstream , and cortisol begins to store fat.

Cortisol isn’t the sole thing you’ll have to manage when trying to shed belly fat However, it’s among the most important and correcting the cortisol levels can have a huge impact on the speed at which you shed belly fat naturally therefore the majority of this post will concentrate on how you can achieve this. We’ll also discuss balancing your insulin levels and cutting calories by reducing carbs.

The first step is to discuss the methods you can get your hormones, particularly cortisol and estrogen in check.

Decreasing Estrogen by Increasing Testosterone

Everybody makes and excretes estrogen. It isn’t only a female hormone. The best way to fight estrogen is through testosterone which is among the main reasons why bodybuilders use steroids. But steroids can destroy your body . What we’re seeking is how to shed belly fat naturally, not through chemical methods.

One of the most effective ways to boost the amount of testosterone in your body is to increase intensities of workout. This is essentially working out in shorter amounts of time or exercising more at the same time. It’s the most secure and efficient method to boost the levels of testosterone and reduce the levels of estrogen in your body. As estrogen levels drop lower, the body starts to eliminate the stored fat in your lower body.

Decreasing Your Cortisol Levels

It is possible to believe combating cortisol’s influence is just about controlling your stress levels. If it were true you could meditate and build a slim stomach. It’s true that exercising can cause the stress necessary to let cortisol go in your bloodstream. But, there are many ways you can combat cortisol.

It has been proven in a variety of studies that long training sessions for cardio and long weight training sessions create lots of cortisol compared to shorter, less intense sessions. This is the reason I’m in favor of intense interval training, particularly for cardio. There are better results than with static training and will reap them in less time. Cut down on those long aerobic sessions and 5 mile runs, and instead do high-intensity interval training for 20 minutes instead.

Third, make sure you get enough sleep and eat the right food. Studies have shown that those who are sleeping less than eight hours each every night have greater body fat percentages as well as more belly fat and a larger waist. This is due to the lack of sleep or sleep deprivation is among the most important signs of stress that cortisol can use for its function. The less rest you get the more cortisol the brain releases. There’s a second reason to sleep well Your body releases growth hormone when you’re asleep. This hormone helps reduce Cortisol’s negative effects. What’s that? Let them compete while you’re sipping your coffee.

You should aim to get between 7-8 hours of rest each night, and around the same time each night.

Moving onto the nutritional aspect of losing stomach fat without effort. To give this topic the respect it deserves we must examine not only what you eat, but also how you consume. Also, what is the most nutritious food choices and most nutritious foods that will help you reduce belly fat.

What to Eat

If you’re looking to shed pounds of fat, and especially those remaining pounds of belly fat that is stubborn it is essential to reduce the carbs. The consumption of high-carbohydrates triggers insulin surges and when insulin levels are high it stops fat loss. Insulin can be a useful hormone in building mass however not for fat loss.

It is essential to consume an eating plan that is rich in protein quality and low in glycemic vegetables. Fruits and grains (lower-glycemic fruits such as fruits like berries) should be next. The amount you should eat will depend on the kind of body you have and your metabolism, how hard you’re working out and the amount of weight you’re trying to shed.

Quality meats, nuts, leafy greens and healthy fats such as coconut oil and olive oil are among the best food items to help you shed belly fat naturally, and without being hungry or having your energy levels and insulin fluctuating.

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