Pull Off the Countryside Aesthetic with Luxury Living Room Furniture

You might be living in the sprawling metropolis of LA, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a bit of country in your home. Country side aesthetics are all about embracing nature with elegant, simple pieces that are both beautiful and functional. If you’re wondering how to infuse your home with some country style, make modern furniture stores in Los Angeles your first stop, and shop with these ideas in mind.

living room with fireplace

Infuse Your Home with Country Style

You may be miles away from the nearest countryside, but you can still enjoy its calm and warm spirit in the comfort of your home. Follow these tips as you shop for furniture:

  • Use Natural Elements

One of the biggest appeals of living countryside is how close you are to nature and its splendor. Replicate that imagery by using natural elements to decorate. Consider leather for some of your seating, or pick out a few pieces of furniture made of wood. These materials invite the outside in with their textural beauty.

  • Introduce Farmhouse Furnishings

Farmhouse style and country style are closely related, so boost the ambiance with some farmhouse-inspired luxury living room furniture. A metal table is a great place to start – it’s durable, neutral, and adds a dash of old world charm. Wooden stools, coffee tables, and other pieces that show off wood grain are excellent options as well.

  • Incorporate Earth Tones

In keeping with the theme of nature, follow earth tones for your color palette. This means colors that reflect the land such as greens, oranges, whites, and browns combined with neutral hues to create the feeling of warm and country hospitality.

More Creative Ideas

Once you have your country style basics down, it’s time to integrate some bold looks to keep everything looking fresh and contemporary. Here are some out-of-the-box design cues that perfectly complement that countryside look:

  • Introduce striking patterns to switch up this classic style. For instance, introduce a botanical or floral motif in a large scale. You can also go for geometric patterns in bright colors for a surprising twist.
  • Combine metal and wood for an industrial touch. These can be in the form of metal and glazed cabinets, coffee tables, seating, and other major furniture elements.
  • Combine traditional and modern living room furniture for aesthetic impact. For instance, mixing and matching contemporary accent chairs will work well with a farmhouse table.
  • Experiment with color. Earth tones are a major component of country style, but you don’t have to be limited by that palette. Shades like chalky blush pink, mustard yellow, charcoal, and deep teal blue work well with earthy colors for a more complex color profile.

Find Your Sense of Style with Luxury Furniture Stores in LA

Looking for more design inspiration? Browse through hundreds of modern furniture pieces from LA’s luxury furniture stores. Aside from country, you’ll also find a wide range of styles from different design eras such as mid-century modern you can use for your next redecoration project.

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