Protect Your Pets Outdoors with Artificial Grass for Dogs in Denver

jumpingPlaying outdoors is essential to happy and healthy pets, but real grass presents many dangers for dogs. Create a safer backyard run with artificial grass for dogs in Denver. The best part? Your furry friends are not the only ones who’ll benefit from the switch – you’re in for a treat too!

Keep Dogs Safe with Synthetic Grass

Natural grass hides numerous hazards that don’t affect humans the same way as dogs. Most of the time, these dangers go unnoticed until the poor dog runs yelping back home, or worse, leads to an emergency vet visit.

Replacing real grass with synthetic grass for dogs in Denver is a great way to keep pooches safe while they roll and romp on your yard. You don’t have to worry about these again:

  • Grass Seeds, Awns, and ThornsPuppy paws can easily get hurt when they step on thorns. Grass awns and seeds can embed into their skin and get tangled in the fur. None of these are present on soft and gentle artificial grass, so your buddy can run and frolic all day long without hurting their paws.
  • Toxic ChemicalsDogs have very sensitive skin under all that fur, and constant contact with grass chemicals such as pesticides, weedicides, chemical fertilizers can make them seriously sick.

    Synthetic grass arrives at your home free from toxins, allergens, and other harmful ingredients. All that’s left are warm, comfy naps under the sun for your best friend!

  • Fleas, Ticks, and Other Pests
    Is your dog scratching more than usual after playing on the grass? You might have a flea infestation on your hands. Real grass and soil is notorious for harbouring ticks, fleas, and other pests. Not only are they expensive and stressful to treat, but your dog can fall ill from infestations.Pests will find no shelter or food between the blades of synthetic grass, bringing down than the chances of your dog getting infested with these nasty creatures.
  • Poisonous Weeds and Plants
    Dogs love to eat, but you don’t want them munching on poisonous grasses, plants, weeds, and shrubs on your yard. Common plants like holly, poison hemlock, buttercup, daffodils, and tiger lilies can be toxic to dogs, but artificial grass removes this risk altogether.

Happy Pets, Happier Pet Owners!

Natural grass and dogs can be a messy combination – do muddy paw prints, a yard full of holes, and stinky, discoloured grass sound familiar? Synthetic turf makes pet ownership easier because it:

  • Drains efficiently – artificial grass for dogs comes with a porous backing that drains away urine from the surface; simply rinse the spot with water to remove bad odours.


  • Doesn’t create mud – no soil and standing water, no mud even after a rainy day!


  • Is durable and resilient – synthetic grass is tough enough for the roughest pup; they can jump, run, and dig all they want – you’ll still have a beautiful lawn at the end of the day!

Artificial pet turf is a win-win situation for both dogs and their families. Better yet, the benefits of artificial grass installation in Denver goes beyond pets, so contact your local artificial grass pros to learn more!

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