Mix and Match Cole and Son Wallpaper Fabrics like a Pro

Are you planning to update your home’s look with a new Cole and Son wallpaper? Do you want to get something patterned, but you’re worried that it would make your walls look “cluttered” or “repetitive?” If so, don’t stick to a single design. Mix and match a couple of wallpapers to achieve a unique aesthetic.

wall fabric

Here are five ways to come up with the most appealing combinations.

  1. Establish an overall aesthetic

Yes, you can just wing it and go with whatever wallpaper catches your eyes. But then, the chances of the outcome becoming something distasteful would skyrocket. So, before anything else, you need to determine your overall aesthetic. You need to settle on a color and/or a theme.

If it’s a color, you can go for warm or cool hues. You can also pick a specific color and explore its many shades. If it’s a theme, make sure it’s general enough to go well with any room in the house (e.g., contemporary and rustic). Avoid picking something extremely specific like a carnival theme as it will be difficult to pull off and maintain.

  1. Choose bold colors, but limit your palette

It’s your space, so it’s your rules. You can go wild and pick wallpapers of the brightest colors and the loudest patterns. However, if you want to keep your aesthetic coherent and eye-friendly, you need to limit your color scheme. Colorful wallpapers are okay as long as the dominant hues match your palette.

  1. Same color, different patterns

This is probably the oldest trick in the design book. And, it definitely works!  The patterns provide the variation and the color ties them together.

  1. Same pattern, different colors

Want to have a distinct color for each room or wall but still maintain aesthetic coherence? Use the same pattern but in different colors. Executing this look is not easy, especially if the wallpaper only comes in limited hues.

  1. Mixing wallpaper brands

There’s no rule that says you need to confine your wallpaper selection to a single brand. If you found a Kravet wallpaper that matches the theme you have going with your Son and Cole wallcoverings, go ahead and add it to the mix. Just make sure their materials match. If most of you Cole and Son wallpapers are non-woven, opt for a non-woven Kravet wallpaper. Otherwise, you may encounter issues on consistency later.

When it comes to selecting and combining wallpapers for your home, it pays to be thorough.

Before you order anything, get samples of all the wallpapers in your combination. Visit the shop. Or, if you found them online, get in touch with the merchant. Ask them to send you a photo of the fabrics next to each other.  This is imperative as it will allow you to determine if the colors and patterns really look good together or the quality of the uploaded pictures just made it seem that way.

Verifying your combination will be difficult if you get wallpapers from different merchants. So, it’s best to stick to a single supplier for your Son and Cole wallpaper needs.

Once you’ve established the coherence of your wallpaper combination, find out if they’re all available. Don’t order until you’re sure that you all the fabrics you’re after is available. Follow these tips to enhance your shopping experience!

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