Irresistible Seating Arrangement Tips for Modern Outdoor Furniture

Certain outdoor seating areas are just hard to resist – a lounge with a full view of the garden, seats under a shady veranda, or comfy chairs around a fire pit. Make your outdoor deck, balcony, or patio an enticing gathering place with these arrangement tips for modern outdoor furniture.

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5 Tips for Alluring Outdoor Seating

Creating an outdoor seating area that will immediately draw visitors to sit back and relax is more than just having a nice set of furniture. It takes some thoughtful touches like the ones below:

  1. Recreate your dream vacation spot.

Set the scene for a laid-back outdoor affair by arranging the seats in a way that reminds you of your favorite vacation. Did you love dining alfresco in a sunny countryside? Look for bistro-style furniture and use warm-toned, crunchy gravel for outdoor flooring. Craving for a beach getaway? Search modern furniture stores in Los Angeles for some glass décor, sleek lounge chairs, and other details that remind you of the ocean.

  1. Treat your outdoor deck like your indoor living room.

Your outdoor living space is simply an extension of your home, so treat it like you would any indoor part of the house. Invest in high-quality contemporary sofas and other modern furniture in Los Angeles, layer textiles, textures, and colous, and bring out a modern coffee table where guests can gather around for drinks and conversation. We go to great lengths to make our living room feel warm and inviting, and our outdoor living spaces deserve the same intention.

  1. Set aside a secluded retreat.

Give your backyard haven a comforting sense of privacy by obscuring it from public view. It’s hard to lounge around when everyone can see you from the curb, so don’t hesitate to add some screens and even outdoor-friendly shelves to create an amazing hideaway where everyone is free to relax how they please.

  1. Consider the location.

If you’re done arranging your outdoor furniture but still feeling unsatisfied, then you might need to hunt for a new spot in your patio. Perhaps you prefer sitting in a specific area in the afternoon versus in the morning. Anchor your seating area somewhere that feels natural to hang out (which may not be the most obvious spot), and you’ll be more excited to spend time outside.

  1. Create multiple areas.

If more than one seating area is speaking to you, listen to that urge. There’s no design rule that says you need to confine your outdoor living space to one side, so feel free to create multiple destinations on your deck.

For instance, arrange a trio of chairs for a private retreat for three people or less, and carve out a single lounge just for yourself. You may also dedicate a large area for hosting parties and get togethers. Make sure to design each one with modern furniture and contemporary home décor so no area feels less relevant than the other.

Thoughtful Outdoor Living with Modern Furniture in LA

As a final tip, here’s something to keep in mind: these design tips for outdoor sanctuaries are best done with high-quality, modern furniture in Los Angeles. Having beautiful, sturdy pieces for your patio or deck means your chosen style direction will be enjoyed and last for years to come.

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