Infrared Sauna Weight Loss: A Hot Topic You Should Not Miss!

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Does sauna burn fat? Questions related to infrared sauna weight loss are becoming pervasive in the internet today. To save you from roundabouts, the answer is yes. However, it is important to note that the weight loss brought by sauna is because of water loss due to sweating.

The sweat released through sauna bathing does not go down the drain when it comes to weight loss endeavors. In fact, sauna can be a good complementary means to lose weight. Here’s how.

Sauna and Sports

In an article written by Margaux Lushing in Forbes, she listed infrared sauna as one of the best recovery gifts for athletes. Athletes need something that can soothe muscle pains after a day of extreme training. This is where sauna can do its job.

Like athletes, people undergoing a weight loss plan through exercise and other physical activities might also find sauna helpful. Also, if you go to a fitness plan in groups, hopping in a sauna together after a workout session can also be a fun bonding moment and consequently, be a solid motivator for each other in losing weight.

Sauna and Busy Lifestyle

Yuppies out there might probably relate to the dilemma of getting a little beefy after being exposed to sedentary and stressful lifestyle for some time now. Beefy is perfectly fine, until it stops becoming just a physical attribute.

Sometimes because of hectic schedule, weight gain is becoming a result of stress and lack of sleep. Hence, it is a manifestation of lowering quality of life. Patch this up by using sauna, or maybe start with small steps like going to spas first before acquiring your personal sauna.

If you decide to go big, getting yourself a portable infrared sauna would be a great choice, especially for yuppies. Its ergonomic trait and portability can allow you to unwind in sauna even during vacation getaways.

So going back to the discussion on weight loss, de-stressing in a sauna can help you sleep better again and regain the optimal levels of appetite hormones, which tend to make you eat more and shoot up your weight due to lack of sleep.

A study cited by Reader’s Digest also supports the claim on the benefits brought by sauna to appetite hormones. It says that the normal range of ghrelin, an appetite hormone, was realized during sauna session.

Sauna and the Heart

Studies that support sauna’s contribution to a better heart health are many to mention. Once a strong and good heart is maintained, a person can do more things like exercises and weight training.

Infrared sauna weight loss can happen given that other complementary activities and lifestyle changes are done. Think of sauna as a warm-up phase or a healthy and relaxing springboard to greater steps to weight loss.

If you think that you have been doing the same routines like exercise but are still futile, why not complement it this time with sauna? You might just realize the effects mentioned above.

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