You’ve managed to get readers of emails, or a surfer to click on your link or click on your ad. In today’s busy web-based marketing industry it’s quite an achievement. However, don’t get too excited now. It’s the next step after the click that will determine the success for your marketing campaign.

Unfortunately, as per an upcoming SilverPop study, as much as 50percent of users abandon your website within the first eight seconds. What can you do to improve the number of conversions you get after clicking?

Don’t be afraid Don’t be anxious, and don’t feel uncomfortable. A MarketingSherpa study found that email conversion rates for campaigns are typically 5.67 per cent (11.31 percent for offers that are free). You’re certainly not the only one in having less than ideal results from your campaign. However, if your conversion rates aren’t up to par with these standards It’s a good idea to spend some time and take a few modifications:

1. Check that the text and text on the landing page are identical to the promotional copy and text of your email message. Sometimes the email message is composed by an editor while the page for landing is designed by a web developer , and the two messages aren’t in the same place. One of the most simple solutions is to use identical title on the landing page that you did within your email.

2. Create a website for the campaign. If you’re offering an item for sale at $14, bring the users to the widget’s page. Don’t just put the widget on your home page expecting them to trawl around in search of your widget.

3. Utilize the same design and feel to your emails or in the display advertisement which you will use on the landing page. Pages that don’t match the original advertisement result in confusing people who visit. They believe they’re not in the right place, and end up clicking away from the page completely.

4. Reduce the number of fields on your forms as much as you can. Forms that need over 10 fields will result in a significant decrease in conversions.

5. Eliminate navigation bars and other links that may be distracting to the user and cause him to leave the page

Time to put into practice: The most successful are the easiest to make therefore you’ll reduce time using this method. It is possible to reuse the text, images as well as the template of your page to cut the time it takes to design your campaign by half.

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