Give Your Health a Big Boost by Moving around More

You’ve heard many times before that exercise is the key to a healthy lifestyle. This is true, alongside having a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water and having enough sleep. However, there are always excuses that you make for yourself in order not to do this.Dancing People

A couple of the excuses people have for not moving include:

  • Being busy with other objects
  • Lack of motivation
  • Thinking of the difficulty of exercise
  • Fear of injuring yourself

By excusing yourself to do even the slightest movement, you miss out on one of the important aspects of making yourself healthy. That is why if you care for your health deeply, you better start moving now!

Advantages of Moving Around More

A study done in 2008 shows that high intensity exercise adds four years to your life. Moderate exercise, like a quick 30 minute walk, on the other hand, will lower your heart problem risk.

Here are just some of the health perks that moving your body daily can do for you:

  1. Lessen risk of heart disease, getting a stroke and diabetes
  2. Having joint stability
  3. Increase your range of motion
  4. Keep your flexibility while aging
  5. Maintain your bone mass
  6. Stop osteoporosis and fractures
  7. Make your mood better and lessen symptoms of anxiety or depression
  8. Pick up your self esteem
  9. Improve your memory
  10. Lessen your stress

These benefits are all definitely better than just sitting around all day. Aside from being a biologically unnatural position for humans, studies show that sitting more than six hours a day, makes you 40% likelier to die within 15 years. You need not rush into exercise—just move around for a time for your health’s sake.

Easy Ways to Move

If you feel the pressure to get up and get moving, you can ease into it by taking small steps. Here are some easy ways of incorporating movement in your daily lives.

  • Taking a break from the TV, computer, or tablet screen. Spending your time in front of gadgets and TV screens discourages you from moving about. Unplug, and explore other things in your environment.
  • Walk around often. Try doing some simple ways to walk. Walk around in your living room, take your pet to the park, or move around in the lawn. The important thing is that you get moving even just for a little while.
  • Do slight walking while talking. When talking with someone over the phone or watching TV, pace around the room or organize your belongings. This is a creative way of sneaking in some activities while doing another thing.
  • Get busy with chores. Doing a bit of gardening or sweeping the floor will encourage you to be active. While not as high intensity as exercises, these activities are driven by your need to put things in order.

Be Part of the Health Movement

Moving regularly helps keep your body in good condition than just sitting or lying around all day. Be informed, however, that walking alone isn’t going to ensure healthiness. While moving around, also remember to have a daily diet with 50% carbs, 30% fat, and 25% percent protein.  Also, get at least 7-8 hours of sleep a day to help recharge and refresh your body.

By doing all of these, you will not only make your body healthy, but it will improve your attitude and outlook as well. Let’s get moving!

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