Four Home Looks You Should Check out before hitting Furniture Stores in Los Angeles

We’re still in the first quarter of the year and you might just be gearing up to visit all the furniture stores in Los Angeles for brand new chairs, tables, or decorations for your home. After reading countless home design blog articles, you might think that your tastes are sufficiently armed with knowledge about what is modern and what is contemporary. That’s well and good.

Hold up, though. Maybe you know what modern home décor is supposed to look like. That knowledge is not enough, however, to help you plan the overall look you want for your house. In a fickle and ever-changing home interior design scene, more niche and specific home design styles are being defined. As opposed to basing your home design purchases on specific design eras, these niche style trends might help you visualize your design aims better.

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Niche Design Trends You Should Consider Before Storming into Furniture Stores in Los Angeles

What even is modern? Contemporary? Post-modern? These questions might not even be for you, a homeowner trying to DIY his or her way into an Instagrammable home.

Leave the contemporary or modern home décor problems to professional interior designers, and check these emerging trends or designs listed by Better Homes and Gardens magazine to help you make better design decisions once you’re inside Los Angeles furniture stores.

French Provincial

Let’s begin with one of the classics. A home with the French a la provencale style is dominated by washed-out color palettes, sophisticated details, and natural textures. Imagine powdery blue hues, off-whites, soft linens, doilies, lace curtains, white-washed walls, and wooden pieces of furniture painted white.

The French provincial home design trends prefer an understated opulence and sophistication through carved furniture, embroidered textile accents, and simple rugs.

Mid-century Modern

This style of decorating takes the retro 60s and 50s design tastes as inspiration. As opposed to French Provincial, a mid-century modern home focuses less on the sophisticated simplicity and more on the functionality of the furniture.

If you’ll go with this look, you would have to scout, for example, nesting tables, sleek book shelves, and streamlined couches in modern or contemporary furniture stores in Los Angeles. Mid-century modern design decisions are guided by the “form follows functions without unnecessary add-ons” mantra.


Although this is kind of interior design style is not common among family homes, it might definitely suit corporate bachelors or bachelorettes. The industrial look is highly urban with a focus on raw textures; imagine concrete floors, raw and exposed walls, and industrial lighting. This kind of style may seem too harsh, gray, or minimal to some, but it is as modern as modern gets: a space and furniture stripped to only the essentials.


Contrary to the minimal Industrial look, Eclectic homes are bursting with color, shape, and pattern. Think Bohemian, French, and Moroccan; combine textures, bright colors, and big patterns. This look may seem easy to pull off, like a hodgepodge of every kind of home décor you can put your hands on. It’s not, though.

The key to getting the eclectic look correct is by creating connections between the different pieces of furniture by color and texture. Repetition of textures and colors, for example, across furniture or décor from different design eras is key.

These are just some of the long-standing and emerging home design trends you could look up in the internet while planning your shopping trip. Instead of getting caught up by design eras, these simple design inspirations can help you picture how you wish your living space to look like. This definitely saves you time when you set foot inside furniture stores in Los Angeles.

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