Easy Hacks to Turn Your Modern Living Room into Your Own Music Studio

There’s really nothing like playing and listening to music, especially when you’re a musician. Being a musician means that in order to produce your own music, you’ll need the perfect studio setup. Consider these modern living room music studio hacks to turn your living room into your own music studio!

Living Room Music Room

What You Should Know Before Transforming Your Living Room

Before you even think about turning your living room into your own music studio, be sure that your living room has any of the following:

  • Space for recording equipment and music instruments
  • Good acoustics for rehearsals
  • Less noise from the outside/Easy soundproofing

As much as possible, your living room must be able to accommodate a lot of equipment. Chances are you’ll be working with other musicians so the more spacious your living room is, the better your studio will be.

Living Room Music Studio Hacks

While your home’s living room may sound a bit less ideal due to the outside noise that can be heard inside, it can still prove just as capable as any home studio. You get a lot more space, more recording equipment, and more instruments to play, most especially a drum set.

Turning a modern and contemporary living room into a music studio can sound a bit daunting due to the amount of stuff you may be lugging around—but with these hacks, it can be made easier and more enjoyable:

  1. Use thick blankets for soundproofing.

The thicker the blanket, the easier this task will be. Get some thick blankets and mount them on to the walls of your living room. You can even roll them up and place them in between the gaps of your doors and windows to absorb the sounds coming from outside.

  1. Use heavy furniture for soundproofing.

furniture such as bookshelves and wardrobes can make for effective soundproofing by using them to cover your walls. Take a look around any store that sells mid-century modern furniture in Los Angeles and take your pick on what you want to use.

  1. Make space for amplifiers.

Since most music studios have amplifiers, you’re going to need space in order to place them at certain areas of your living room. Make space for amplifiers in your living room by clearing some stuff out. This can make for more effective space management and can leave you with more room for equipment and instruments.

  1. Use your carpet for a drum set.

While you may need to clear some stuff from your living room, one thing that you can keep is your carpet. It can give you space for a drum set, as well as some more rehearsal space when not recording.

  1. Use your carpets or rugs to minimize foot noise.

One thing that most modern living rooms have to showcase for potential homeowners is the flooring, which can also be used to your advantage in building your own living room music studio. Ideally, most living rooms have hardwood, concrete, or tile flooring for a more stable foundation of the room, but these can also produce more foot noise, which can affect your recording quality.

The best hack is to use any carpets or rugs you have in your home to minimize the foot noise. You can also have carpet installed in your living room floor so you can cover all dimensions for better recording quality.

Make Good Music in Your Living Room!

With these easy hacks to try, making music can become even more enjoyable. Transform your living room into a music studio and make your music known with the work you produce!

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