Does Sauna Burn Calories? Yes and More!

Does sauna burn calories? This question seems to have been the “white whale” of questions from sauna enthusiasts and skeptics alike. Do saunas help in burning calories? Debates have been done, and both sides have been laid out and presented many times over. But what is the final verdict?

The short answer: YES! By all accounts, saunas do help burn calories. But not just that. They do a lot more! Read on and find out what else!

in house sauna


  1. Saunas burn calories

To be scientifically accurate, our body is constantly burning calories whatever we do. Whether you are just sitting in front of your office computer or inside your personal sauna, our bodies continuously burn calories to sustain bodily functions like temperature regulation, brain function, circulation, respiration, and others.

Saunas hasten this process as the elevated temperature causes your body to burn more calories as it tries to keep cool. Just remember to stay hydrated during the whole process.

  1. Saunas boost immunity

Regular use of saunas increases the production of white blood cells. White blood cells help combat infections and ailments in the body. As saunas raise the body’s core temperature, it ensures that its immune system is working perfectly. As it does this, it also draws out toxins from the body through sweat.

  1. Saunas promote social interaction

While you won’t be interacting with many people while you’re using your in-house sauna, getting used to being in one creates a more positive vibe around you, so much so that when you get a chance to use a public one, you are more than comfortable sharing the space with strangers. Also, since you will essentially be doing nothing aside for sitting, it is the perfect time for socialization.

  1. Saunas improve performance in recreational activities

With all these health benefits, it is small wonder that athletes and sports enthusiasts alike find using saunas an invaluable part of their routine.

A short session in the sauna is the perfect close to the ultimate workout, not to mention the fact that because of the added benefits, they are now able to perform a lot better in their respective fields.

  1. Saunas provide stress relief

One word that is a burden to everyone because of the demands of modern living: stress. It is estimated in the US that 54% of Americans fight with people close to them because of stress.

One in four people states that they have been alienated because of stress and 8% blame stress for their failed marriages and relationships. say that relaxation and stress relief might be the most important of all the benefits of saunas. The high heat helps to relax the body’s tense muscles, providing pain relief, and at the same time an opportunity to quiet the mind and let go of the hectic modern-day lifestyle.

Still not sold with the many benefits of saunas? Why not try it for yourself? Just a short session and it is guaranteed—you’ll get hooked!

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