Brilliant Bathroom Color Scheme Ideas from Your Bathroom Remodeling Contractor in Los Angeles, CA

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When renovating your bathroom, the color scheme should not be a cursory consideration in your redesign. Otherwise, you’ll have a hard time giving the space visual consistency. Your bathroom remodeling contractor in Los Angeles, CA shares their ideas on the various color schemes that can give your bathroom a unique and dynamic personality.

6 Eye-Catching Color Combinations for LA Bath Spaces

While you can color your bathroom any way you like, not all styles will cut it. Here are some color scheme ideas that will transform your space for the better:

  1. Black & White Minimalism

Undeniably timeless, black and white is a classic bathroom color scheme dating back to the 1920-30s. Not only does it go well with just about any space, but it’s also incredibly easy to pull off. Employ geometric shape patterns that use these contrasting hues. Accentuate the room with chrome fixtures and silver adorned mirrors for a stylishly uptown look.

  1. Brown Shades

Develop a rich, rustic look for your bathroom with varying shades of brown, such as mahogany and oat. Use fixtures with natural tones and wood or wood-based furnishings for an earthy aesthetic. Bring the browns front and center with white and silver accessories.

  1. Gray Tones

Neutral colors give the bathroom a soothing feel. Mix various shades of gray like ash, stone, and salt, to give the room dimension. Add brown and white tones into the design for a suitable contrast. Since most bathtub hues complement these color combinations, it will be easier to integrate a tub conversion in Los Angeles into your renovation project.

  1. Lavender Feel

Build up the relaxing ambiance of your bathroom. Integrate touches of pale purple and plum into the space for a lush and flowery aura. Get shades that are reminiscent of calming blossoms and perfumes to make the room look like a luxurious mini getaway. Decorate with a few flowers by the bathtub/shower area and sink to cap off the soothing mood.

  1. Mocha Mild

Blend mocha tones for a warm and calming environment.  Begin by combining a mocha shade with a creamy hue. Decorate with espresso-like shades like latte and cocoa to give the room more spatial dimension. Make this simple color scheme more attractive with textured blinds and tiling.

  1. Cream Scheme

Set a serene vibe in your bathroom with a luscious cream color scheme. Use soft yellows and pastel to give the space an understated elegance. For a prominently luxurious effect, top it off with marble tiling on the floor and in the shower area.

If you’re looking to give your bathroom fresh new fixtures, you might as well improve on its hues, too. Want to ensure you get the ideal scheme for your bath space? Maximize the expertise and experience of your bathroom remodeling contractor in Los Angeles, CA. Consult with them to determine the best color combination for your space based on your style and aesthetic preferences.

Give Your Bathroom a Splash of Color!

For your next bathroom design in Los Angeles, choose a scheme that not only reflects your bathroom’s personality but also elevates its overall aesthetic value. With the right blend of colors, your space will evoke a calming aura that’ll enhance your bath experience.

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