Break Free from Your Lawn Mower with Artificial Turf in St. Louis

Have you woken up one morning and looked out to your lawn and saw an unkempt mess of blades of grass in varying hues of greens and browns, with bald patches across, pieces of your pet’s handiwork scattered across and breathed in the acrid, pungent smell of weeks’ worth of lawn mowing disregarded? Artificial turf in St. Louis is your lifesaver!

Artificial Turf Roll. Synthetic Grass Lawn Laying Background.

Artificial lawns have several pros that you might not have realized yet! Liberate yourself from the clenches of the lawn mower and discover an age of relaxation in using artificial grass.

Not convinced? Check out these benefits and see for yourself!

  1. Lower maintenance

Although nothing can ever be “no maintenance,” keeping up an artificial turf is significantly lower than that of natural turf. For one, say goodbye to lawn mowing. Made out of synthetically manufactured polyethylene, artificial lawns do not need watering or fertilizing. You get all the qualities of natural turf with the look and feel, but without the hassles of maintaining one.

  1. Safe

Unlike natural turf that can serve as breeding places for dangerous pests and germs, artificial turf is safe and provides an environment that is friendly for both humans and pets alike!

  1. Pet-friendly

Artificial grass is your pet’s new best friend! It’s a pet-lover’s dream! You get all the benefits of a natural lawn (e.g., a place to walk your pet, somewhere that they can do their business, open space to run and at least try to dig) without all the stress of maintaining cleanliness.

Gone are the days of cleaning up dirty paw prints from overeager dogs digging their way through your lawn. No longer will you see yellowing patches of grass due to constant exposure to your pet’s nitrogen-rich urine. With artificial lawns, cleaning your pet’s “leftovers” is a breeze!

  1. Good investment

This might seem counter-intuitive as artificial lawns are more expensive than natural turf. Add to that the installation fee you need to pay professionals to ensure that they are properly placed. However, if you look at it more deeply, you’ll be spending a lot on the face of it and then reaping the rewards as time goes on with your lawn’s incredible lifespan. If you are serious in maintaining a beautiful lawn, artificial grass at St. Louis is a worthy investment.

  1. Reduce your utility bills

As stated earlier, since artificial turf does not need watering or fertilizer, you can save on your utilities as well! It is estimated that families spend close to $50 to $156 a month on lawn irrigation alone! On the other hand, $77 to $377 is spent on fertilizers for lawns! Imagine these savings!

  1. Stays beautiful

What else to say? Of course, nothing lasts forever, but artificial lawns last considerably longer than your natural turf. Enjoy it more!

Have you decided on which one to pick? It seems to be an easy choice, right? Are you willing to stay in bondage to your lawn mower and to high water bills? Are you tired of putting money into fertilizer instead of your personal needs? Contact your trusted artificial grass specialists now!

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