Battle of the Grass: Artificial Turf in Manteca vs. Real Grass

Artificial grass lie on the wooden background

If you are a long-time lawn owner, you’ve probably seen advertisements regarding artificial turf in Manteca and wondered if making the switch is worth it. While a natural lawn does have its advantages, turf also offers significant benefits not found in live grass. Come to an informed decision by considering the key differences between their efficiency, aesthetics, and safety.

Comparing Artificial and Real Grass: 3 Considerations

With a national average cost of $226.00 per session, lawn maintenance is not a cheap venture. On the other hand, synthetic turf is also a significant investment. That is why you need to be smart on how to approach it. Let us look at the three most important factors you will need to consider when it comes to choosing between artificial and real lawns:

  • Efficiency

When we talk of efficiency, we refer to the resources and the energy needed to install and maintain the lawn.

Planting seeds or laying sod for natural grass is way more expensive than installing artificial grass in Manteca. Once installed, natural grass would incur additional costs for maintenance and upkeep.

This includes water and a lot of it. It is estimated that an 800-square foot lawn will consume almost 150,000 gallons of water yearly. Aside from the water needed to keep the grass green and alive, you’ll also need more of it to keep the turf clean, especially if your pets use your lawn as their comfort room.

In addition to water, natural grass needs several hours of work of trimming often. On the other hand, synthetic turf needs no water, does not grow out, so needs no trimming, and stays the same length year in and year out.

  • Aesthetics

Aesthetics is all about the visual effect of the lawn. Purists would say that nothing beats real grass. However, as technology improved, modern artificial grass is becoming more and more lifelike. They are now so realistic that you can almost not tell the difference between real grass and artificial grass.

The only way you can tell is if you touch them and if you look ever so carefully and discover that they are all too similar. Natural grass has variations in height, color, texture, as each blade receives a different amount of water and sunshine.

Advancements in turf manufacturing, however, have also made it possible for artificial grass to have these subtle visual cues. You can get it in different shades, pile heights, and thickness to mimic the look of real grass.

  • Safety

If the resources saved and the beauty of artificial grass still doesn’t win you over, you can say one thing about artificial grass putting greens in Manteca: they don’t have pests!

Pests like fleas, ticks, worms, snails, and all other nasty stuff that can infect your pets or your children, can get into your home, or ruin your grass altogether has been the number one thorn in a natural lawn.

Constant management, sometimes involving chemicals that are dangerous in of themselves, is the only way to resolve this problem, and half of the time, all the work is not enough. With artificial grass, you don’t have to worry about all of this. You can sit back and relax, and enjoy your turf!

Design a Better Lawn with Artificial Grass in Manteca

Looking at the three considerations above: efficiency, aesthetics, and safety, it is clear that artificial turf in Manteca edges out natural grass in all categories. See it for yourself —talk to your local grass installers today to learn more about what makes synthetic turf such an exceptional choice.

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