Reputation Management for Your CEO Can Be Vital for Your Company

If you want people to buy what you’re selling, then probably you’re thinking about things like advertising and the quality of your services and products, not reputation management for your CEO. However, this is a mistake that has come back to bite several notable businesses.

Bring in a brand marketing firm to improve your CEO’s image

When people consider whether they want to buy from you, and when other business entities decide whether to partner with you, they look at every aspect of your company. They look at what you’re selling and feedback from the public, but they also look at things like your environmental impact, your overall reputation, and yes, your CEO’s image as well. If reputation management is something that your CEO has shunned up till this point, you may wish to hire a brand marketing firm to make some changes. If you don’t, you may be unable to expand and diversify in the way that you’ve hoped.

What Can a Brand Marketing Firm do for Your CEO?

There are many ways that a brand marketing firm can turn your CEO into a notable asset for your company. If your CEO’s reputation is less than stellar, they can take steps to change that, and if your CEO is a virtual unknown who likes to remain behind the scenes, they can formulate a plan to bring them into the public eye.

One way to accomplish this is through public appearances. Your CEO can make carefully orchestrated overtures toward the public, by appearing at things like charity luncheons and community outreach events. They can make speeches that are ghostwritten in advance, or they can even write their own copy if they have a gift for such things.

It will be up to your brand marketing firm to make them the most presentable, the most palatable to the public. That will mean working on their physical appearance, their clothing, even their posture and facial expressions. In an era where visibility and transparency are what people want to see from company heads, your CEO must present a bold appearance, but also a relatable one.

Other Ways a Brand Marketing Firm Can Establish Your CEO

Your brand marketing firm can also manage your CEO’s reputation through things like writing an e-book in their name, getting them to publish blogs or write articles for magazines, or they might claim your CEO’s name as a URL. Your CEO might be able to write the blogs, articles, etc. themselves, or your brand marketing firm can help with the ghostwriting if that is necessary. The idea is about perception, and that does not always have to mesh perfectly with reality.

Like it or not, what your CEO says and does makes a difference for your company, and that’s why you should be cognizant of how the public views them. If you feel that perception is less than favorable, you can change that with the help of a brand marketing firm.

Mix and Match Cole and Son Wallpaper Fabrics like a Pro

Are you planning to update your home’s look with a new Cole and Son wallpaper? Do you want to get something patterned, but you’re worried that it would make your walls look “cluttered” or “repetitive?” If so, don’t stick to a single design. Mix and match a couple of wallpapers to achieve a unique aesthetic.

wall fabric

Here are five ways to come up with the most appealing combinations.

  1. Establish an overall aesthetic

Yes, you can just wing it and go with whatever wallpaper catches your eyes. But then, the chances of the outcome becoming something distasteful would skyrocket. So, before anything else, you need to determine your overall aesthetic. You need to settle on a color and/or a theme.

If it’s a color, you can go for warm or cool hues. You can also pick a specific color and explore its many shades. If it’s a theme, make sure it’s general enough to go well with any room in the house (e.g., contemporary and rustic). Avoid picking something extremely specific like a carnival theme as it will be difficult to pull off and maintain.

  1. Choose bold colors, but limit your palette

It’s your space, so it’s your rules. You can go wild and pick wallpapers of the brightest colors and the loudest patterns. However, if you want to keep your aesthetic coherent and eye-friendly, you need to limit your color scheme. Colorful wallpapers are okay as long as the dominant hues match your palette.

  1. Same color, different patterns

This is probably the oldest trick in the design book. And, it definitely works!  The patterns provide the variation and the color ties them together.

  1. Same pattern, different colors

Want to have a distinct color for each room or wall but still maintain aesthetic coherence? Use the same pattern but in different colors. Executing this look is not easy, especially if the wallpaper only comes in limited hues.

  1. Mixing wallpaper brands

There’s no rule that says you need to confine your wallpaper selection to a single brand. If you found a Kravet wallpaper that matches the theme you have going with your Son and Cole wallcoverings, go ahead and add it to the mix. Just make sure their materials match. If most of you Cole and Son wallpapers are non-woven, opt for a non-woven Kravet wallpaper. Otherwise, you may encounter issues on consistency later.

When it comes to selecting and combining wallpapers for your home, it pays to be thorough.

Before you order anything, get samples of all the wallpapers in your combination. Visit the shop. Or, if you found them online, get in touch with the merchant. Ask them to send you a photo of the fabrics next to each other.  This is imperative as it will allow you to determine if the colors and patterns really look good together or the quality of the uploaded pictures just made it seem that way.

Verifying your combination will be difficult if you get wallpapers from different merchants. So, it’s best to stick to a single supplier for your Son and Cole wallpaper needs.

Once you’ve established the coherence of your wallpaper combination, find out if they’re all available. Don’t order until you’re sure that you all the fabrics you’re after is available. Follow these tips to enhance your shopping experience!

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Contemporary Living Room Setup for the Holidays

luxury living room

Holiday decoration making and arrangement are some of the fun moments to look forward to during this season. Everyone’s up to unboxing their Christmas balls, wreath, and others would even cut authentic spruce tree to be erected in the living rooms. Aside from these trademark items, furniture pieces can also jive with this jolly spirit this season. Try out a contemporary living room and see how it can spice up the celebrations.

Below are some reasons it would be just perfect to do it:

  • Bright and bold styles
    Stark and bright color contrast is one trait of a contemporary living room The ambiance this color scheme could bring will definitely match the joy of the occasion, making your typical bright-colored holiday decoration pieces relate to your furniture pieces.
  • Design for all ages
    Family reunions are also associated with this season. Parents, aunts, uncles, and some children visiting your house would be anticipated, and giving them a refreshing view of your home could facilitate a good catch up storytelling times.Aside from being aesthetically-appealing, contemporary living room design is also likely to be appreciated by the elders because they did not grow up with this atmosphere. Likewise, young visitors can also be drawn to this look because they are used to it and can definitely relate to it.
  • They are ubiquitous
    Since contemporary living room designs are today’s look, they are definitely available in majority of furniture shops. Shopping the last minute or days before the peak season of the holidays can easily accommodate bringing your desired furniture pieces at home.

Achieving the Look You Want

Enjoy the perks discussed earlier by shopping for contemporary furniture pieces that match your home, personality, or flavor you want. You can look up high-end furniture stores in doing so. Online furniture shops are also available to facilitate a less physically tiring shopping.

They Don’t Have to be New

Giving your living room a new look this holiday season does not have to empty your wallets because of buying all-new furniture pieces. Buying some new pieces would be okay, and this can be complemented by buying miscellaneous like furniture accessories that match the contemporary design ambiance. Again, bright and start color contrast can be a key to this.

So there you have it. The typical decorations are not the only way to beautify homes during the Yuletide season. Furniture can also be a great way to give your home a refreshing appearance. One perk of investing on furniture for this season is that they are durable and can be reintroduced for other occasions.

Contemporary design can also be applied to other parts of the home you wish to spice up like the bedroom. High-end furniture stores can offer furniture pieces like luxury bedroom furniture to make way for such makeover. Look them up and you might also like to spread the contemporary feels from the living room to the bedroom. The living room furniture pieces, luxury bedroom furniture can also be bought online for more convenience.

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