3 Useful Shower Conversion Tricks for an Amazing Bathroom Remodeling in Southern California

So you are all set to do bathroom remodeling in Southern California for a new walk-in shower. You’re in good company – 60 percent of house owners also prefer using a shower more than a bath nowadays.  But in spite of the trend, is it still worth it to keep your old bathtub?

luxury bathroomYes, the tub still serves a purpose. For example, if you want to resell the house, having a tub can affect the value. And there is still a good number of people who like to use tubs. If you have two bathrooms, a workaround would be to retain the tub in one and convert the other.

Guidelines to Flawless Shower Conversion

Once you are ready to do your conversion, investigate every nuance of your bathroom carefully.  Here are some best practices while trying to install your shower.

  • Scout the Area: Take note of the space.
    The key to a good bathing space is how comfortable a person will be. Bathtubs were constructed to conform to a person’s horizontal position. For the shower space, the height of a person is considered, so make sure there is allotment for the shower handle relative to the user.The good thing about the shower space is it can either be smaller or just the same measure as the tub area. Bathtub areas usually measure 60 inches—a measurement that is okay for a shower conversion in Los Angeles. As for the shower’s depth, it usually takes up 32-34 inches.
  • What to Use: Shower curtain or glass wall?
    The border between the shower area and the tub is another matter. A glass wall is the more popular choice for a bath divider. Aside from being modern looking, it does not take up much space and prevents water splashes from crossing into the toilet area.However, if you have a tub-shower hybrid area, a glass wall can be constrictive to people taking a tub bath. Use the traditional shower curtain instead to give the bath taker more mobility.
  • Decide if you want a handheld or wall shower fixture.
    When we think of shower areas, a wall-mounted shower fixture comes to mind. But with the invention of handheld showers, people can now easily spray water on other body parts. While the standalone shower only typically has the wall-mounted fixture, getting both fixtures is a better option. The handheld can also serve double duty as a hose when you clean the shower area.For a hybrid tub-and-shower area, the wall mounted shower can be cumbersome. A handheld shower is more flexible and more ideal to use in an area without much depth.
  • Use less tile and better wall surrounds for easier maintenance.
    If you are going to convert your bathing space, make sure you improve on it too. Give yourself a break and make it easier to clean – especially the walls. Traditional tiles, aside from being dated, have a lot of grout which is inconvenient to tidy up. So replace the tiles with updated wall surrounds in order to eliminate unpleasant grout.You can find a wide array of modern wall surrounds at home improvement stores. Study each option carefully, and choose the wall panels that suit your shower area best.

Make Your Shower Conversion Hassle Free!

It can be a challenge to overhaul a long-established bathtub area. But when done with careful planning, your shower conversion will be successful. Keep in mind the aforementioned tips and make your shower installation in Los Angeles dream a reality!

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