3 Ideas to Make the Most of Artificial Putting Green Grass

Once you’ve decided to install artificial putting green grass for a backyard course, it’s time to think about how you’d like to customize the experience. Consider these inspiring ideas for the ultimate yard game before you give the green light for installation.

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3 Ways to Maximize Your Putting Green

Whether you’re a hobbyist or an avid golfer, having a personal putting green makes it a breeze to practice your strokes whenever you have spare time to play. Synthetic turf gives you the best of both worlds by offering the same play experience as natural grass, without its expensive, time-consuming maintenance requirements.

For many Miami homeowners, however, installing a backyard putting green is not just about the game – it’s also a way to beautify the property and enhance the resale value.

From creating a more exciting gameplay experience to levelling up the aesthetics, here are three ways to make the most of artificial grass for homes in Miami:

  1. Keep it challenging.

If every hole at the golfing range were the same, you’d probably get bored fast. It’s the variety that keeps the game exciting.

While you may not have the space for a full 18-hole course in your yard, it’s possible to have a putting green where each part presents a different challenge. Pull it off with these creative ideas:

• Put your course on a slope so you can putt and chip at a slant, downhill, and uphill.

• Place a small bump beside one hole so you can practice on a flat surface in one section and on a rough strip on the other.

• If you have enough space, add a small pond to one side of your putting green.

• Consider having a sandy pit.

• Add tee boxes.

Introducing variety to your putting green design allows you to enjoy your green and improve your chip shots and putts for many years.

  1. Locate it close to your house.

Aside from allowing you to practice in private, a backyard putting green is also amazing for entertaining guests. You can have a pool party or a grill get-together where people can relax and play a friendly round of golf to their heart’s content.

That’s why it’s a great idea to install a putting green as close as possible to your house. Some great locations are directly beside your patio, on your deck, or a short distance away from your pool.

  1. Add personal touches.

The wonderful thing about synthetic grass installation in Miami is how versatile it can be. Make your putting green a highlight of your home by expanding it into fully-functional outdoor living space. Consider adding water features, a shaded seating area, and even a dedicated play space for children and pets.

Get Creative with Synthetic Grass Installation in Miami!

Artificial grass in Miami lends itself well to numerous applications. In fact, your imagination is the limit – talk to your local synthetic grass installers about the many ways you can use artificial grass, from putting greens to playgrounds, pet runs, and more!

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