2019 Wallpaper Trends Kravet Fabric Can Help Your Prepare for

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Wallpapers are never out! As we end the year, we will begin a new era in interior design. Kravet fabric can help you with that. Read on and discover these wallpaper trends you need to watch out for.



  1. Floral resurgenceFlower power! As we enter 2019, organic designs are slowly creeping in (pun intended)! Let small and big flowers alike bloom inside your homes.Floral designs have long been associated with romance. Timeless and elegant, contemporary life is being breathed into these organic designs creating stylized versions of flowers, trees, and even wildlife.Minimalist iteration of these old-fashioned images will become the new life of your old rooms and walls. Take a look at Kravet wallpaper’s Lee Jofa line. The California selections—linen, indigo, soft blue, and teal/ochre—illustrate the stylized floral minimalism you should be aiming for your designs come 2019.
  2. Less is moreSpeaking of minimalism…the white space has always been an interesting playground for designers. It is flexible and affords the designer a ton of creative options. On the other hand, big, bold colors exude personality. Who says you can’t combine both? 2019 will call on you channeling both of these personalities and creating minimalist wonders.
  3. Hexagon is your new friendSquares, circles, and triangles are giving way to the hexagon—your new geometric friend. More and more designs are utilizing this versatile shape. Using hexagons (actually a number of them) you can create the illusion of creating a three-dimensional space in a two-dimensional wall. You can use it on its own or combine it with other elements and images that can create a statement!Although Kravet Fabric’s Parterre and Boxwood Trellis collections are not hexagonal designs in the strict mathematic sense of the shape, they have the same effect—an effect that you’d want to maximize this 2019.
  4. A dose of the future This leads us to a prediction of the future—specifically of technology. Although not actually creating three-dimensional images (well, at least not yet!), wallpapers, through careful manipulation of shapes and color, can create perceptible 3D patterns. Using neutral tones like beige, gray, white, etc., contemporary interiors are bringing in a dose of bedazzlement with modern 3D designs.
  5. Study your color paletteIn 2018, the color of the year was ultra violet, which added a dash of romanticism in a boring interior space, which is then offset by lighter and pastel-toned wallpapers that are all the rage. Expect this trend to not just continue, but to also branch out to other colors: shades of navy blue, reds, greens, even mustard yellow.This evolution in the wallpaper color palette is both exciting and challenging. With this type of scheme, darker-colored wallpapers create a cozy vibe that can change from darkly romantic to entirely mysterious.
  6. Go through the roof!Well, not quite, but the ceiling is a nice start, and before you panic, yes, it is not a sin to put wallpaper on your ceilings. If you think about it, the ceiling is just another wall—only on top. Designers call this the 5th wall and it is a very visually striking space that is fun to play around. You can go wild and invent designs, create illusions, and break some rules!

Excited for 2019? Why wait for the year to change? Start your design projects now and make those walls pop with Kravet wallpaper’s line!

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